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Arterial hypertension

Arterial hypertension

The main goal of treating patients with arterial hypertension is to minimize the risk of developing cardiovascular complications. Arterial hypertension or essential hypertension is a disease in which there is an increase in blood pressure that is not associated with primary organic damage to organs and systems. It is a very common condition that most often occurs in old age. At the onset of the disease, subjective sensations may appear in the form of rarely occurring headaches, dizziness, general weakness, fatigue, irritability and insomnia. Sometimes a person does not make any complaints, and only a random measurement of blood pressure shows an increase. Later, when blood pressure becomes stable and higher, complaints become more prominent, shortness of breath appears when walking, a feeling of pain in the region of the heart, palpitations, headaches occur more often. With sharp rises in pressure arising after excitement, overload at work, the phenomena of cerebral crisis may develop, manifested in the form of a feeling of heaviness and pressure in the head or severe headaches,followed by dizziness, nausea, vomiting and sometimes visual impairment. The reason for this crisis is a sharp spasm of cerebral vessels. The main symptom is headache, often on waking up and usually in the occipital region. Also, patients may complain of dizziness, vision impairment, seeing spots, tinnitus, palpitations, pain in the heart, shortness of breath. There is a lesion of the arteries. The symptoms of hypertension are intermittent and go away at rest.Without timely medical care, the list of signs of the disease is supplemented by: • drop in vision acuity; • impairment of memory and quality of mental activity; • malfunction of blood vessels and kidneys; • weakness in the arms and legs; • changes in gait; decreased sensitivity.

Arterial hypertension

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