• Does “KSD” cure all diseases?

    No. KSD is not a pill for all diseases. KSD does not treat or diagnose: cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, extensive-stage of any disease, alcohol and drug addiction. Before starting the diagnostics, the doctor must interview the patient and learn the test results.
  • How many students of Professor Dyachenko are there in Ukraine?

    At present, students who have completed full training and who can work with dignity on the device: Zubritskaya Victoria Vladimirovna (Kyiv), Tarakanova Irina Gennadyevna (Sevastopol), Ulyashov Alexander Mikhailovich (Kharkiv), Avtukhova Elena Alexandrovna (Kharkiv), Posokhov Nikolay Fedorovich (Kharkiv), Kovalenko Irina Viktorovna (Lugansk), Baiko Orest Petrovich (Lviv), Evmyasheva Zhanna Valentinovna (Odessa), Kovaleva Tatyana Vladimirovna (Kyiv), Dolgopol Vera Ivanovna (Kyiv)
  • How long does a KSD session take?

    The full session takes from 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the disease. The session includes diagnostics, treatment and consultation.
  • When do you need to repeat the session?

    The next session will be effective, which is held no later than 5-7 days after the previous one.
  • The cost of diagnostics?

    The session on the "KSD" device consists of diagnostics, the doctor’s advice and treatment. The cost of an appointment can be specified in official offices. You can find their addresses and telephone numbers in the "Contacts" section on our website.
  • Is it possible to purchase the “KSD” device?

    Yes, the KSD device can be purchased.
  • How can I get the “KSD” device?

    How can I get the “KSD” device?
  • What are the options for purchasing the "KSD" device?

    All relevant options for purchasing “KSD” are posted in the "Partnership" section on our website.
  • Where can I purchase the “KSD” device?

    The “KSD” device can be purchased only in Kiev
  • How much is the “KSD” device?

    The cost of the “KSD” device changes, so to get the current price, please send a letter through the form on the website or call by phone.
  • I'm not from Ukraine. How can I purchase “KSD”?

    To purchase the KSD device, you need to send a letter through the form on the website or call by phone.

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