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Maxillitis (Sinusitis)

Maxillitis  (Sinusitis)

Sinusitis (rhinosinusitis) is an inflammation of the maxillary sinuses. In inflammatory processes, the nasal mucosa swells and blocks the outflow of mucus from the sinus. The blockage creates a favorable environment for bacteria to amplify, which leads to the accumulation of pus. If signs of illness appear, do not self - medicate, but make an appointment for a diagnosis with us. We approach the fight against the disease in a complex manner, therefore we negate not only the clinical manifestations, but also the root cause of the disease. The development of the disease is facilitated by chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, polyps and the harmful effects of the environment. To avoid complications, arrange a visit for the treatment of sinusitis in any of our clinics as soon as the first signs of the disease appear.

Maxillitis  (Sinusitis)

With the KSD device, there is a possibility of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of a disease maxillitis (sinusitis) !


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